Computing on Encrypted Data


(Secure) MultiParty Computation


Fully Homomorphic Encryption


Distributed Ledger Technology


Data gets encrypted, great! But we need to be able to work on it!

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Behind every good technology, there is some reasoning

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COED Campus

Business Cases help understand how to create business value with COEDs, on the basis of multiple use cases we look into the impact on the overall or dedicated business. In the hands-on technology we explain the technology, its system impact and how to use the sandbox, the interfaces and code.

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The COED Campus allows the basic understandings

for Business Managers, Technology Architects & Developers

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What our Partners Say

COED is a COOCK project, supported by VLAIO

Idea is to help innovate with collective tools 

Upcoming Events
2nd December 10:00 - 12:00

Introducing COED

MPC, FHE and use cases

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23 February 10:00 - 12:00
COED for enterprise applications
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23 March 10:00 - 15:00
Masterclass Secure MPC
Introduction to the tools
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The Community at CSA Circle

Our Community Events will be mainly in Flanders, but we'll be using the CloudSecurityAlliance Circle Platform to keep the conversation on an international level. After registering for an account search the COED chapter.

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COED allows for security hardening of existing data flows, and allows for new opportunities to be considered. There are logical and physical limitations, which we'll address; 

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